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U Suites Hotel Eilat

1. Hello Dear readers today I would like to tell you about one of the Israeli hotels in which I have settled two months ago. I learned about this hotel from the brochures in Israel. The hotel area is not very large as it is located in one of the big cities, but the hotel itself is very green, everywhere grow tangerine trees and many flowers. Each room in the hotel has a beautiful view of the sea, and you can not miss the tall palm trees and swimming pool. The hotel has nice and helpful staff who are always there to help in case of problems. Waiters are always smiling and happy to provide a menu. Also the hotel has animation in the evenings which I never managed to get to.

2. The hotel is great, everything is top notch. I did not get a chance to walk to the beach on my arrival. Gorgeous pool with beautiful views. Went there on vacation really admired and amazed. Lovely staff, many even understand Russian. Rooms are clean and spacious. The food was delicious and exotic. Buffet, great variety of seafood and fruit. There is an oceanarium nearby. You can also dive into the sea and see the beautiful underwater scenery. The hotel has a game club for children, but it can play only with excellent knowledge of a foreign language. A great choice of hotel for a family vacation.

3. Today I want to tell you about U Suites Hotel Eilat 5*, where we stayed for a few days. On February 14 we traditionally had a few free days, which we decided to spend on a trip. We didn’t have to choose long, because I saw the last minute tickets to Eilat from the airport Ovdah, the round trip ticket price was about 8 000 rubles per person, without even thinking we paid the ticket with our card and decided to book a hotel, we wanted something nice, To stay there literally for a few days, because my friends and I made a route where we flew to Eilat, lived there for a few days, then left Israel, then from there to Palestine, and then returned to Eilat to stay there again for a few days, and then flew to Moscow. When we travel, we like to stay in different hotels, each time everything is new and interesting and useful for my work. The first hotel we stayed at in Eilat was the U Suites Hotel Eilat 5*.

The hotel is at the end of the promenade, but on the first line.

U Suites Hotel Eilat 5* – this hotel is part of the Israeli hotel chain Fattal, it used to be called Le Meridien Eilat 5*, please ignore the old reviews that were posted on the Internet before 2013, because the hotel had a change of owner, did a complete overhaul, changed management, and in general this hotel has become a luxury hotel in Eilat.

Now I will tell you about the infrastructure of the hotel.

Right at the reception is a 24 hour bar that offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for an extra fee. We had 2 meals a day at the hotel, because we left during the day for excursions and did not see the point of taking another type of food. I want to say right away that eating in Eilat is very expensive, although the choice of establishments is large, but the prices are decent, but the portions are huge. When we booked the hotel, they had a special offer that 2 meals at breakfast prices, so look for good deals, maybe you will be lucky.

The area of the hotel is not very large, but quite green, I really liked that there are tangerines growing there, though they are not ripe yet, but still beautiful.

I liked the design of the hotel very much, because there are beautiful pictures hanging in the corridors that emphasize the beauty of the hotel.

The hotel has 245 rooms, and they are all suites, respectively larger in size and have a kitchen. Our bathroom was standard with a sink on a marble pedestal.

Each room had a daily personal hygiene kit – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body milk, soap – the cosmetics are just great, our most expensive shampoos in quality would be many times worse than the Israeli hotel creams.

The room is cleaned daily, towels were changed every day. We had towels for face, hands, feet and large bath towels in our room, the hotel also gives out free beach towels.

The toilet was regular, you could see it was new, basically clean.

Each room has a bathtub, there are no rooms with showers in the hotel because they installed bathtubs after the renovation.

The hotel is very well located, there is a mirror at the entrance to the room, and a small table to put the bags in, and there I liked to makeup most of all because there is good lighting.

We had 5-6 plasma screen TVs in each room with Russian channels and we didn’t really watch it because we went everywhere.

I walked around and went everywhere. The beds are standard double, given a choice of pillows with different softness for the selection of the ideal one. Bed linen is changed once every two days, but we do not change it daily at home, so we were very satisfied.

The closet in the room is big with glass doors, there is an electronic safe and an extra blanket and pillow.

And this was the view from the window, a side view of the sea, and every room in the hotel has such a view.

Below us was a restaurant, and it had a roof like the Louvre in Paris.

The city of Eilat itself is very small, these large hotels are on the other end of the city, a walk of 10 minutes maximum.

Our hotel room was large, in addition to the bedroom, there was a sitting area with a sofa and small tables.

What a beautiful painting was hanging over the sofa.

At the entrance to the room we had a kitchenette with coffee and tea, which were replenished daily. And on arrival in the room we were brought a compliment from the hotel – a basket of fruit, chocolates, wine and water, a little thing, but nice.

The main restaurant works on the principle of a buffet, the food was all delicious and of high quality, and we did not notice that it was kosher, there was everything, we never went hungry.

If you want to sit at the bar, there are tables outside by the pool, you can eat there too.

The hotel has rooms that can use this small pool, it’s a Jacuzzi, but it’s winter and it didn’t work.

There is a bich-boy in this area who always brings mattresses and can bring any drinks. We got complimentary cocktails from the hotel several times.

As for the beach, the hotel is a disaster. The hotel has a small pier, from which you go straight to the depths, and here is a paradise for lovers of swimming with a mask, although the underwater world is poor, but for the sake of variety will do.

The hotel has its own little observatory, but for some reason it was closed when we rested.

The hotel has its own mini promenade, so it was nice to sit in the evening by the sea on a deck chair and think about the future, and just chat with friends.

In February it is considered that not a season for Israel, but the sun pleased us the beams, certainly in the evenings it was very cold and we put on jackets.

Bar at the pool.

The main pool is not heated, so swimming there is comfortable only in summer.

The pool has several areas for swimming, and the depth varies everywhere, so there are swimming and adults and children.

We had a lot of things to do with our hotel.

The hotel has a bar on the first floor and a parking lot.

The hotel bikes for rent, only to sign up for their rent in advance, because they are in good demand, at a price of about 15 dollars a day.

I can generally recommend the hotel for tourists who like good service and good food, and most importantly like peace and quiet, because there will not be any entertainment, and in general the rest in Eilat is very quiet and measured rest, but it is very easy to go from there to Jordan.

Guys, have fun, because it’s so cool, so many positive emotions, come home and so much energy that is ready to move mountains to earn a new trip. Have a great vacation!

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