Park Hotel Netanya 3* (Netanya, Israel) – reviews

Park Hotel Netanya

1. We vacationed in 2013. Family of four. With a small child of 3 years old – were absolutely delighted with the country and the hotel. Despite the fact that the hotel has only 3 stars, the conditions there are comfortable – delicious food – excellent access to the sea.

It is worth writing a couple of words about the location – Netanya is a small town, but I’ve never seen such beautiful views – rocks and there is a beautiful and most importantly easy descent to the beach.
The rooms are very comfortable, however the air conditioning is very powerful and the first two days I had a fever, because in June in Israel is very warm, up to +40. They cleaned every day, towels were also changed every day. The furniture was new and comfortable, the only drawback was the uncomfortable location of the sockets in the room.
The food was very good – varied, especially on the Friday before Shabbat.
There are small stores in the area, but we should remember that they don’t work on Shabbat.

2. Hi all:-)

These days, while I was away on Otzovik, I got one year older:-)

Sounds sad… But time flies, the clock ticks 🙂

30 years is not a cause for sadness, it may be so, but you have to get used to the number.

And it is better to get used to it in a close family circle. That’s how I decided to celebrate my birthday.

I took my husband, Lera and myself, and ran away from home.

Where to?
To the Park Hotel Netanya, 35 km away from our house, in the city of Netanya.

At this age, you have to be sensible and don’t fall for the lure of ordering the most expensive hotel. Not very interesting to work off the money later 🙂
Especially in Israel, where hotel rooms, even budget type, are still expensive.

We saw this hotel on, it seemed to us nice and cozy, booked a room and went.

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