Mount Zion Boutique Hotel (Jerusalem, Israel) – reviews

Mount Zion Boutique Hotel (Jerusalem, Israel)

1. It’s a pity we only had time to stay in the hotel for a couple of days. The location is gorgeous, you can walk to the old city of Jerusalem. The view is wonderful, both from the windows of the rooms and from the lobby. We had breakfasts included, after which you didn’t want to eat for a long time. There were classic options as well as local snacks, sweets, and fruit. We were especially pleased with the size and taste of the dates, as in all of Israel. Returning to the hotel – the area and the building itself are delightful.

A lot of unusual things and furniture in the corridors and halls. Very clean, all in greenery and flowers area. There was a swimming pool, but for some reason no one bathed. Probably all ran on excursions and walks on the main attractions!) One of the few minuses was the proximity to the stadium, where the local artists performed in the evenings. The sound is very loud, and not always our tastes matched what was being performed. But that’s okay, as the concerts didn’t end very late. The staff doesn’t really speak Russian, but almost everybody speaks English. So you should just learn languages! The staff is responsive, helped us with all our questions and requests. The price and quality of Hotel Mount Zion are right. I think that you will not regret if you choose this hotel to stay in Jerusalem.

2. Continuing the theme of Israel, one of my favorite countries to visit, I will tell you about one of my favorite hotels in Jerusalem, a very beautiful stylish hotel: Mount Zion.
The hotel is located within walking distance of the Old City, 15 minutes to the right from the hotel, next to a ravine that used to be called Geena Fire and the hotel itself goes downhill, so it is quiet and the air is beautiful, away from the roads and cars.
The interior of the hotel, both externally and internally, is made to resemble the interiors of a strange castle. Very cozy, stylish and beautiful hall, lobby, where it is pleasant to sit and talk with friends, read a book, you want all the time to consider this beautiful, stylish and original design solutions.

This luxurious hotel has its own beautiful garden, where you can enjoy a walk, breathe in the wonderful aroma of herbs, flowers and trees. Everything is so comfortable and beautiful that you do not want to leave this beautiful place.
This hotel also has different categories of rooms, but all rooms are luxuriously decorated in the style of the historical interiors of the old castle – it creates absolutely unique sense of total immersion in the atmosphere of the beautiful antiquity, and perfectly harmonizes with the style of the white stone Jerusalem, and the Old City. In the room there are always bouquets of flowers in ancient vases, in general, flowers are everywhere – everywhere, in all rooms and passages of the hotel.
The entrance to the Old Town through the New Gate at Christmas, on the right side of the photo, is a decorated Christmas tree:

The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerators, safe, closet, dressing table and chair, and armchairs. Very nice stylish window decoration, some rooms have balconies. The view from the windows is amazing: over the Old Town, you can admire endlessly!

The hotel has its own fitness center, spa and wellness center, jacuzzi, Turkish hamam, sauna, outdoor swimming pool with a terrace and sun loungers. It’s so great to swim in and out a couple of times in the morning, and after hiking and sightseeing, take a dip in the pool to relax and relieve fatigue, and continue in the great spa. I really like it!

The internet at the hotel works great, it’s free. Also very convenient that the hotel has an elevator, luggage storage. Before we left the hotel we packed our bags and went to the old train station which had been converted into a very cozy gallery of stores, restaurants, cafes, and souvenir stores.

About breakfast: in such hotel can’t be bad breakfasts a priori! It seems to me that the breakfast here is one of the best in Israel: fruit, juices, choice of dishes, very tender omelets, salads, olives, fish, excellent dairy products: variety of yogurts and cottage cheese, dishes for children. Breakfast can also be brought to the room.
The service at the hotel is top notch. The staff is very friendly and polite, always ready to help guests. Housekeeping every day without fail. The bathroom has all the necessary toiletries. Linen and towels are excellent, change daily.

It is close to the garden of Gethsemane, and the church of Mary Magdalene – from the Orthodox Russian Society in the Holy Land. It is just above the Garden of Gethsemane with the Temple of the League of Nations. This is a photo of century-old olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane:

The hotel also has free parking in case you rent a car-it’s very convenient.
My husband and I really like this beautiful hotel, it’s worth the money, we will come back here again if possible. Jerusalem is a real attraction. There is even such a joke that after visiting Jerusalem you remember your previous lives, and they were, of course, in Jerusalem, and you were a high official and witness to historical events…
Friends, pay attention to this hotel if you want comfort, the surrounding beauty of an ancient castle, with a beautiful beautiful garden area.

3. Hotel with a wonderful view of the old town. Located near the historic center of the city. Delightful design. A beautiful swimming pool and sauna. It was a lovely hotel which was also worthwhile for those who like to keep fit. Really lovely family run hotel. Parking is available for a short walk from the hotel.

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