Leonardo Inn Hotel (Ein Bokek, Israel) – reviews

Leonardo Inn Hotel (Ein Bokek, Israel) - reviews

Leonardo Inn reviews:

1. We chose the time of our stay not by chance, but by researching the information on the internet. When we left in the middle of May, it was already hot and uncomfortable. We spoke in Russian with the staff, so that the language barrier was not.

The hotel was very clean, both inside and outside. We went out to the Dead Sea in the morning and came back for lunch. By this time everything in the room was shining with cleanliness. Not a speck of dust in the corridors and lobby either. On the roof is a solarium. The hotel is very nice with beautiful flowers and bushes, an outdoor pool, and peacocks walking around.

The cuisine is European, including Russian dishes. The choice of dishes is very large.

2. We are a married couple 50+, got a 2-bed room with a small balcony overlooking the picturesque Dead Sea. The hotel is designed so that guests from their balconies do not see guests from other hotel rooms. It seems to be a trifle, but the preservation of visual privacy and an important factor – not sunny side, pleases pleasantly.

Visiting the separate solarium on the roof of the hotel (separate male and female areas), the availability of medical center near the reception on the 1st floor, cleanliness in all rooms – another feature of the positive perception. Excellent grounds at the back of the hotel with relaxing beds and a swimming pool.

Walking distance to the elite beach of the sea, the ability to use numerous showers, water fountains, cabanas for changing clothes, toilets, absolutely does not clash with the idea of a hotel “second line from the sea”. Moreover, you can daily shuttle (minibus) from 10.30 to 13.30 to move to the spa-hotel Leonardo Club, where, for fans of unlimited juice and beer, you can roll in the spa and the pool with sea water …

A special thanks to the hotel restaurant with a great selection of dietary and exotic dishes. If you do not exercise restraint in eating, you can easily add ten pounds in a week)) The employee of the restaurant Natasha shows compassionate attention to the requests of guests, willingly explains the composition of dishes and gives recommendations on the rules of the hotel. Given our lack of experience in visiting such a sanatorium location, it was a positive experience to restore health.

3. I booked the Leonardo Inn in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea) on my own through the website. Lived in this hotel in 2017 and in 2019. For three stars the hotel corresponds, and I think the food even surpasses the European hotels. In Israel in general, the food is something special, probably and the expensive price of the hotel justifies it)))). A few extra pounds a week to put on vacation in Israel is normal. Tasty, very tasty, what can you do)). Prices in Israel, prices are certainly more expensive than in Europe, but the country is a special Center of the World (the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre is even a place-the Center of the Earth).

So hotel Leonardo Inn Ein Bokek is located a hundred meters from the sea, directly visible from the road, so when you get off the bus is not a problem. The hotel has four floors, three residential floors, a solarium on the roof, a pool in the courtyard and sun loungers. Reception staff are friendly enough, partly Russian-speaking, in any case, to explain not knowing English is possible, especially as a lot of guests from Russia. Food buffet, is on the second floor, about quality and quantity of food I have already written above.

Breakfast begins at 7.00 and till 9.00, at 7.30 buses usually come for excursionists that is very convenient, time to have breakfast. Lunch is never taken. Dinner at 18.30 to 20.30, also convenient, have time to come from the excursion and have dinner. Bathroom cleaning every day, tea, coffee in the rooms for free.

The hotel is very good value for money and our room service is excellent. Can drip condensate from the ceiling from the air conditioning system, the door may be painted over the patch, well that something in the bathroom can not be very that. You just have to be prepared for this and, in fact, it’s not such a nuisance and they can survive. But this is the most expensive hotel in the Ein Bokek, but it’s the Dead Sea, well, where something like this you have staked)), I’ll say in Bulgaria.

Well, here is the most unpleasant, I have highlighted a separate paragraph, now we can continue.
The beach – this hotel “shares” with the hotel “HOD”, although for visitors to the “HOD” sun beds and chairs on the beach for free, and for visitors to the “Leonardo Inn” was 15 shekels, but there are free benches and there is a beach hotel “DAVID” nearby, where you can squeeze a free sun bed))). Sand on the beach is imported and over time it gets salty, the salt covers it and becomes such a hard prickly mass, sand mixed with large salt crystals in the sea and on the shore.

There is a free shower and it is mandatory after the sea, otherwise the salt solution will corrode the skin. By the way, at the reception they give out separate towels for each visit to the beach. There are also free visits to the hotel spa in other hotels Fattall in Ein Bokek, a bus comes and takes you to the spa for a couple of hours, but it’s just a sauna, hammam and heated pool with Dead Sea water, I went a couple of times and that’s it. There is a massage and other pleasures, but for money.

The hotel is not a big shopping island (the shopping center is not pulled))) called Petra, there is McDuck, and another eatery (the prices are normal), and there is a travel agency Michael Gurji and currency exchange, again at a price is very good, used their services twice – I recommend it. In the beginning of the project, the owner of the house was asked to show him the clothes and the liquor, and he asked not to leave. Cosmetics can be bought not expensive and good in the next trading “island” on the second floor in “Farmacia”, it is possible to go and in Arad, but on that on that will leave. Although in Arad in the market you can buy fresh local fruits.

For transport. I moved around Israel by bus, not expensive and comfortable enough. Pay fare from the driver. The buses are on schedule, you can pick up at the sites of carriers routes and directions, sites in Hebrew and English. [There is a bus from Ben Gurion airport to Jerusalem, 40 minutes for 16 shekels!

And in conclusion. If you want more comfortable rooms and have lots of money, you can consider other hotels in Ein Bokek. The one in this article is the most budget and not expensive, but it suited me just fine.

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