Isrotel King Solomon Hotel 5* (Israel, Eilat) – reviews

Isrotel King Solomon Hotel

1. We stayed at the King Solomon Hotel in early March 2014. We originally planned to go to another hotel – Dan Panorama, but we were rejected, as the hotel was on the stop. We were offered a replacement, the King Solomon. We had no time to think, but we did not want to be without a trip. After reading reviews, most of which were negative (which is very strange!), We were ready for anything. But as it turned out, I was worried for nothing. It was one of the best hotels that I have ever visited!

So, first things first:

1) Room:
They put us on the 3rd floor in a small standard room (like all the tourists who came with us). The bathroom was leaking, the furniture was old (I immediately remembered all the negative feedback I read the day before the trip, apparently people were put in there). After explaining the situation at reception we had no problem changing rooms, only on the 9th floor (a total of 12 floors)! We saw a gorgeous room with a double bed, with new furniture, a spacious bathroom! On the bedside table there was a welcome packet with a postcard and cookies (a trifle, but nice), there was also a tea kit (kettle, a few kinds of tea and sugar), air conditioning, flat screen TV. The bathroom had all the necessary toiletries as well as two bathrobes and slippers. They cleaned regularly and changed the towels every day.

The view from the window was amazing!

We had a pool with sun beds, spa, conference room, children’s playground, and a water slide. Wi-fi free.

2) Half board.
The package included breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was the most delicious and filling: omelets (cooks fry from selected ingredients), a variety of pastries, sweets, drinks (tea, coffee, juices, sparkling water, milkshakes). It should be noted the original serving of sweets and fruit – in cute little jars.

Lunch did not bother us, after breakfast we were full until dinner.
From the variety of dishes at dinner we could burst: different meat dishes, salads, soups, just a huge amount of desserts, pastries, everything is very beautifully and originally decorated, I have not seen this yet. For 7 days the menu was not repeated even once!!! All very, very tasty.

Several times in the hotel lobby gave out drinks, different treats and sweets (the locals had a holiday).

3) The beach:
The hotel does not have its own beach. Near the hotel, a small cove with a promenade, where you can stroll in the evenings.

The nearest beach is a 5-7 minute walk to the beach at the Royal Beach Hotel.
At the reception of the hotel, you must take a voucher for a deck chair – then you do not have to pay for a deck chair. The beach is small, municipal, not quite clean. Sandy with small stones, the water is transparent, no fish.

4) Location:
The hotel is located in the center of Eilat, near quite a lot of stores and cafes, a very beautiful park (and the name he has the appropriate – Royal Garden).

A 3 minute walk from King Solomon there is a bus stop, buses go to the border with Egypt and back. I recommend to go to the underwater observatory (Underwater Observatory Marine Park), in other words oceanarium. The entrance costs 25 dollars (the price includes a day at the observatory and watching a movie in the 5D theater). You can buy a tour to the aquarium operator, but the time to visit is limited) Believe me, it’s worth it! It is a whole park, the sea is turquoise, you can watch the fish in real time in the sea, there are also aquariums with fish and other marine life.

The hotel left us with only positive emotions. If I get a chance I will definitely come back here again!

2. Good day to all who read my reviews!

In 2012, my husband and I were visiting my childhood friend who lives in Israel. As part of our visit to that country, we of course vacationed in Eilat, an Israeli resort on the Red Sea.

We planned to spend three nights in Eilat. The hotel was chosen by a friend. We only voiced our budget. But when we got to the hotel, we realized that it was more expensive than we were going to spend – my friend and her husband paid the difference for us. That’s such a nice surprise made to us.

And now tell you more about the hotel.

The King Solomon Hotel belongs to the popular Israeli chain Isrotel and is considered a 5 star hotel. It is located on the second line from the sea.

My friends and I rented two adjoining rooms overlooking the pool. Adjoining rooms because there was a door between them. This was convenient for us. The rooms are spacious, clean, with everything you need.

The same can be said about the bathroom. Small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were brought every day, even if we didn’t use the old ones. Disposable slippers and bathrobes were also available. As my friends were staying with a small child, they brought a crib to the room at their request. We had a baby crib in the room at their request.

All the rooms in the hotel have balconies. We got one overlooking the patio and pool. The view from there is amazing. I took a lot of pictures at different times of day.

At night and in the evening the pools were nicely lit. And the lights on the territory and outside the hotel. The evening view from the window is mesmerizing.

The price of accommodation in the hotel included food – half board – that is breakfasts and dinners. The type of food is a buffet. In Israel, every hotel has a rule of kashrut. This means that for breakfast you will not be served meat, and for dinner, dairy products. Frankly, this is a hard rule I personally did not even notice, so varied and delicious dishes that were prepared by hotel chefs. In the evening you could choose wine for dinner. Unfortunately I did not take photos of the restaurant. I can only note that it is large and yet stylish and cozy.

The hotel has a conference room and spa center.

In the patio of the hotel there is a swimming pool. When the air temperature reached 37 degrees (and we were at the beginning of October), the water in the sea was like milk, then we could only save ourselves from the pool, where we could cool down and rest from the intolerable heat. Towels for the pool were given out near the exit of the hotel. Sun loungers by the pool were free of charge. We had a children’s pool on the same patio, children’s room where you could leave your child with a babysitter, some attractions.

The hotel does not have its own beach, but walk to the nearest one for about five minutes. The hotel, which includes this beach, you can take a towel. The beach is sandy. We spent some time by the sea, as it was just unbearable heat, and even the sea did not save it.

The sea is clean! And a very beautiful view of the mountains in the distance.

The King Solomon Hotel is located right in the center of the resort. Literally next door was a large shopping center, a number of stores with souvenirs and other products, attractions. We could see them even from the hotel window. Of course we could not resist a little shopping in these stores.

When visiting the resort of Eilat usually everyone goes to see the famous oceanarium.

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