Idelson Hotel (Israel, Tel Aviv) – reviews

Idelson Hotel (Israel, Tel Aviv) - reviews

1. Initially on the advice of an acquaintance who lives in Tel Aviv, hotels on Ha Yarkon Street, which is the tourist center of the city and runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast, but prices there were from 150 dollars per night. Then we turned our attention to this hotel, the price of which was $ 80 dollars a night.

We did not regret, because the Idelson Hotel is well located, it is 200 meters from Ha Yarkon street and a short walk to the sea with a great beach. There are stores near the hotel, a bank with a normal exchange rate. The public transport stop is 100 meters from the hotel. A five minute walk from the hotel you can taste the local cuisine, and not at all expensive by Israeli standards.

The hotel is small, literally a few rooms, but for Israel it seems to be the norm. The hotel does not have its own area. We stayed at three different hotels in the country, and I would classify them all as mini-hotels.

The Idelson Hotel is located in a building that also has other organizations. Since the hotel is small, the front desk there is not open 24 hours a day. The receptionist comes by 10am and works until 7-8pm. When we made the reservation, I indicated that our plane would be arriving at 5am and I let it go. I guess I should have made sure they were waiting for us, but I somehow hoped that I had already done everything necessary.

So, after arriving at the hotel around 7 am, my husband and I kissed the door. It was only possible to enter the hotel by code, which of course we didn’t know. We tried to call the receptionist on the phone number on the door, but no one picked up either… In front of the hotel there is a veranda with tables, we settled on it, but just a few minutes later met our compatriots who came to help us. We took our bags to their office and went for a walk in the city.

On our way back to the hotel at about 10 a.m. we met the receptionist, a very nice man, a prominent representative of the Jewish nation. He did not speak Russian, we communicated with him through an online translator on his tablet. It took him a long time to figure out what we wanted, because we were without bags. And when we came back with our bags, he finally figured it out. Since the room was not ready, we asked him to explain where we could eat, and returning from an early lunch, we checked into the room around 11 o’clock.

It turns out that on the one hand we were checked into the room before the due time, but on the other hand, we hung around town for over 4 hours until we were finally able to get into the room.

We liked the room. It’s small, but has everything we needed. The bed was big and comfortable. The atmosphere of the room is nice.

TV with a normal diagonal, with satellite TV. There is a coffee machine and several coffee pods in the room. There is no kettle in the room, but there is a thermos and tea bags in the hall.

Of course there is a bar. There is also a safe in the room.

The air conditioning worked well, the room was not stuffy at all.

There is a closet with a mirror in the hallway.

The shower had a glass cabin, which was fine as hotels in Israel often have showers without cabins! Also had bath accessories shower gel and shampoo.

The room was clean and comfortable. The wifi was free and worked fine.

Staying in this hotel is more than comfortable, if not to take into account the morning misunderstanding, which if we had a baby or not met our kind people, could have been a problem for us.

But the most important thing is the location of the hotel. The proximity of the sea, the center, the market, stores, bus stop, bank, cafe are the main plus of the hotel.

By the way, the city rental companies are also about 500 meters away. This was important for us as we rented a car and the next morning, after a 5 minute walk, we picked it up and drove further across the country.

2. A very clean room, quite modern, with a fridge and coffee machine and TV. The bathroom is also clean and modern. Some rooms can only be accessed through the side entrance, but not through the front desk. In the center of Tel Aviv, walking distance to many attractions and only 5 minutes from the beach. Very pleasant staff. Wi-fi is available. The beach is near the hotel and there are several supermarkets, bus stops and restaurants around the corner.

Carmel market is just a short walk from the hotel.
The volume in the area was relatively high, as the hotel was in close proximity to a busy street.
The hotel itself does not offer food, but there is no need for that as it is much more interesting to eat breakfast somewhere else each day. French is spoken around the hotel, which is partly reflected in the gastronomy.

3. We stayed here at the Hotel Palarine on our way to Spain. Wow, what a great find. Friendly rooms for the staff, very clean and located in a picturesque location. Since it was the middle of summer, it was beautiful and warm, so it was nice to walk around. The Chinese restaurant in the house was absolutely beautiful. The food was delicious and well priced.

Would definitely stop there again along the way, but would probably stay for a long time
There is so much food to eat, so when choosing a buffet, the quality of the food must be exceptional. The Chinese buffet at the Palarine / Bambu Hotel offers quality, varied, nutritious, delicious food in a welcoming family atmosphere. I personally enjoyed the mouthwatering ribs, sushi and Peking duck. Make sure you have an appetite as you will want to try it all. With full value for money, don’t leave Andorra without trying it!

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