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Spa Club Dead Sea

1. Located on the shore of the Dead Sea. Connected to the hotel Oasis, through the transition. To be more precise, a common wellness area with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage parlors, baths.
The main difference from other similar places – the hotel does not accept guests with children. Thus it provides its guests complete peace and quiet. Very beautiful dining room decorated in the Moroccan style. Excellent mosaic on the walls, luxurious fixtures.

Every room in the hotel gives the feeling that you are in the East.
There is a very beautiful tea room. Only guests can visit it. There always sounds nice soft music. You make your own tea from the ingredients available. The presence of a waitress will not bore you. It is very quiet, like in an oriental harem, slides inaudibly between the tables, bringing cleanliness.

The rooms of the hotel are well maintained. The plumbing is new. The staff is excellent.
The location is very good. It is a quick walk to the beach which is part of the hotel.
In the lobby you can always buy all the products made in the Dead Sea factories.
I really like to stay there.

2. Hi everyone, I want to write a review about Israel again today. Was it for nothing that I was there four times))) Recently I counted: spent there a total of half a year of my life)).
Yesterday I gave you a review about the hotel “Oasis”. Those who have read carefully, understood that it consists of two parts: “Oasis” and “SPA-club”. I managed to live in both. Unfortunately, photos again to a minimum. Nobody knew that I will write a review).
In the “SPA-club” I was there by accident. In general, I paid for accommodation in the “Oasis”, and put me in a “SPA-club,” in which the room at 30 dollars more expensive).

I first did not understand what’s wrong. And then I thought: what difference does it make?) I’m better! In fact, it’s one hotel. But the building “spa-club” has huge advantages. Namely:
+ Smoking is prohibited there: in rooms, halls, etc.
+ it does not accept persons under 18 years (which means that many children will not make noise and bother you)
Also, there are other pluses:
+ spa right next door))
+ Water coolers in the corridor.
+ bar with herbal teas
+ Food is slightly better than in the “Oasis” (the difference in fresh juice and a more varied fish menu)
+ Rooms are slightly better than in the “Oasis” (but literally just a little). In the photo we see my room in the “SPA – Club”.

Let’s walk through the room: TV is old, of course. But I do not care about the TV. And so: bath (!). which is rare for Israel, a hall with everything for tea, comfortable bed, clean linen, air conditioning (but it’s everywhere in Israel, otherwise-kapets!)), table and chairs, if you decide to drink tea with stolen at dinner cakes)). Oh, and a small refrigerator. In the fridge I kept mostly this.

The glass doors open with a card. The number, too, by the way. Sometimes the cards are demagnetized. You have to ask the receptionist. Behind the glass doors there is relaxing music in some Indian style, I would say. It also smells like incense. That’s a minus for me. I don’t like those smells at all.)
I also found it strange at first that you constantly get calls from the spa offering to buy a service from them. Surprisingly, they speak in Russian! And when you want to ask something, no, they don’t know Russian)))). Called several times a day. Quite intrusive) But you can just not answer the phone. And continued to call even when I paid for a course of massages)). By the way, at the spa and the hotel itself at the reception to pay for traveler’s checks take American Express. Residents of the spa club are given bonuses at the spa itself: free hammam, free gym on some days. Although that may have been canceled by now.

But globally from the “Oasis” does not differ. The beach is the same. A lift to the beach. The same pool, the same solarium on a roof. Well, and the insignificant difference in a number and feeding, it seems to me, it is possible to survive. After all, if you go for a long time, you want to save money. The difference in cost was $ 30. With 10 days comes out $ 300)). Of course, I lived in a “spa club” for free (still do not know why I had such a gift of fate fell!). But if you want silence and a complete relaxation, it is possible and to shell out)). The hotel, unequivocally, recommend!
That’s probably all. I would be glad if my review will prove useful to someone.

3. Even three years later, I still remember vacations with trepidation. We did not go anywhere, and were only in the hotel yes on the sea. Starting with the room, I will say that it was very cozy, quite a spacious bathroom and a soft big bed. Bathroom was clean and the bed was very comfortable. The room was cleaned perfectly and I never had maids, although I often ran back and forth) The beach was private, although I do not like to swim or be on the beach itself.

I used to go on the roof and sunbathe there. There were always different goodies on the floors and on the roof, freshly squeezed juice, different fruits and sodas, ice cream. There were always clean dishes or disposables. Despite the fact that the room was double, they brought a few bags of tea and coffee. On the first floor there was a separate place for tea and coffee. There was a beautiful vase with apples, they never ran out). The view from the window was beautiful. I looked forward to breakfast and dinner.) It was really delicious, absolutely everything!

The staff spoke Russian, and all such polite and attentive, very glad. I went to the gym, in all baths was and of course pool with salty water from the sea. By the way because of this pool there were no small children in the hotel, which was also a pleasure! It was always spacious and in the baths and in the jacuzzi and in the pool itself. Beautiful design, decoration. There was even a note, if you get a manicure pedicure, it is better not to swim for a while.

Tried the massages too, unreal! Wonderful hotel! I had only one mishap when I was sunbathing on the roof. There is a separate male and female area, as usually you sunbathe in the nude. I am modest, did not undress and tried not to look at anyone, although there were 2-3 people, all went to the beach. And once again, as I was sunbathing, I closed my eyes and heard a woman squealing. As it turned out, while everyone was sunbathing there naked, a man holding a camera raised his hand over the sunbed between the women’s and men’s area and took some pictures of naked women)) but I was in a bathing suit, so I was not upset) And the women got dressed and went to complain.

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