Hotel Oasis Dead Sea 4* (Israel, Dead Sea) – reviews

Hotel Oasis Dead Sea

1. Traveling with my family in Israel, I had a chance to visit the dead sea. We stayed in a small tourist town at the dead sea Ein Bokek in the hotel Oasis Dead Sea4*. The tourist town is not big, mainly consists of hotels, beauty stores, and the beach itself. My uncle, who lives in Israel, helped us decide on the hotel, he knows the hotel firsthand.

We got to the hotel on a tour bus, which drove with the excursion from Or Akiva, through the Dead Sea and went to the Red Sea. For those who drove to the Red Sea, the tour program was 2-3 hours at the Dead Sea. Our itinerary for this excursion program at the Oasis Dead Sea4* was over.

The Oasis Dead Sea4* hotel itself is made in the Moroccan style. The hotel has only 144 rooms. We arrived at the hotel at 12 noon, our room was not yet ready for check in. The standard time of check-in at the hotel is 15:00, check-out is 11:00. In the hotel lobby there is an interesting large stone.

We were offered to leave our bags in the luggage room, which is behind the reception desk. Before checking in we could use the hotel grounds and the pool. We wasted no time, went, changed and went swimming in the pool outside. In the photo below on the left side of the elevators, the hotel has two, on the right under the stairs dining room on the ground floor.

It is not the usual +41 degrees outside, so the hotel area is really like an oasis, here you can take a break and cool off.

The hotel has two pools outside: a large pool for adults and a small pool for little kids.

The adult pool is big enough and has stairs with featherbeds to comfortably enter the water.

2. Friends, I wanted to tell you about our stay at the Dead Sea.
From day one, the Dead Sea became one of my favorite seas.
It is extremely beneficial: its concentration of salts and useful, unique trace elements is many times greater than those found in the seas and oceans of our Earth.
Healing salt lies directly on the shore – you can take in a plastic jar and prolong the pleasure, making a few more useful procedures at home.
I do not know who said that burns the skin – we have not burned anything. The fact that on the surface of the skin is a special accumulation of a therapeutic film. If you had a rest in the Russian sanatorium, you would be told to go into the shower after taking a bath only after 6-8 hours, since the skin should begin to form a “salt cloak.

Healing mud, which heals our bones, spine, musculoskeletal system in general, skin diseases, allergies – here they are, smear as much as you want!
And the best part is that you won’t drown in the Dead Sea! You have to catch it, so the sea doesn’t topple you over, whether you’re waist-deep or deeper in water. That’s why you have to go in and swim in it in a special way, which is not always possible the first time – you need training, my friends! You have to put your hands and feet in a special way.
And it often can not be the first time, so somersaulting all – laughter, or, more correctly, a joyful wild laughter stands on the beach! All smile, somersault, laugh, rejoice as children! And in fact it’s great – through laughter go and our stresses!
We rested in Oasis Dead Sea Hotel, which is located in the town of Ein Bokek. And it is located almost on the beach. I have always been fascinated by the Dead Sea, and I love taking pictures of it. Here are some pictures of the sea.

We liked the hotel very much! It is very classy and original, in the Moroccan style, a beautiful hotel.
Our staff speak Russian as well as the front desk.
The internet in the entire hotel works fine, no problems.
It was a great hotel that we had a wide range of spa treatments. The hotel has a fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, spa and wellness center with Jacuzzi, outdoor swimming pool. The hotel offers a variety of treatments, massages, wraps and programs of your choice!

Pool and beach towels are provided which is very convenient. Beautiful sunbathing terraces and even a solarium, amazing isn’t it? In such beautiful sunshine also a tanning bed!
The hotel has its own grounds: a lovely garden, where you can stroll, a temple, from the public areas: a library, many pleasant corners for conversation and relaxation – a nice lobby; several lounges. The hotel also has a business center.
There is always a children’s playroom, children’s club, and children’s play areas open and functional. But we didn’t need it, we just had a quick peek and thought “how nice it was”. And we moved on.
There is also an evening programme for adults.
The hotel has two restaurants, a bar, a snack-bar, children’s and dietary menus. Breakfasts are kosher, that is, without meat, but hearty and tasty. We assume that we come here mainly to relax and heal, so the food should be suitable.

Rooms are quite spacious, we liked that each room had a view of the sea – this is a rarity for hotels, you open the window and this pleasant – we liked the slightly humid and salty smell of the sea fills the entire room! Room cleaning is daily, quite normal. The hotel is super! We liked it very much. I would like to stay for 25 days and really relax and unwind!
Around the hotel is normal infrastructure, stores; cafes.
The hotel has its own free parking, and they don’t require you to park in advance and that’s it.
Friends, the hotel is modern, divided into a hotel for families with children and 18+. We loved it. Everything is very convenient, everyone gets what they came for!
Would recommend! Would love to go back!

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