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1. Hotel Metropolitan in Tel Aviv my dad, me and my children (9 and 10 years old) visited in July 2014. It took me a long time to choose a place that met several of our requirements: first, the hotel should be in the center of the city, second, be close to the sea and third, the hotel should have a pool. We also wanted a larger room for four people and a kitchenette. You can see that our requirements were quite high. But the Metropolitan Hotel met them all.

The hotel is two blocks from the waterfront, close to downtown on Trumpeldor Street. It consists of two buildings – one tall seventeen-story, the second small six-story, which is called the Metropolitan Suites. It is the one with the large two-room suites with a kitchen. Here on the fourth floor we stayed in room 434.

The room had everything you need: air conditioning, telephone, TV in each room, safe, refrigerator (mini bar) and coffee/tea kits. In addition, the kitchen has a microwave, a sink, and some utensils and cutlery. Anything else we needed we asked in the dining room and they provided us with extra utensils with no problem.

There are shower caps, soaps and gels in the bathtub. There were slippers, pens and note pads waiting in the room for us to take notes. Basically, everything to make us feel comfortable.
The great room had a pull-out couch, chairs, a round dining table and a large desk, a coffee table, a dresser, and a nightstand. In the bedroom there were two separate beds, a capacious closet, a chest of drawers, an armchair and a floor lamp. The only disadvantage in my opinion was the absence of a balcony. But we had a clothes dryer.

In the photo below you can see that the bedroom has three beds. It was us from the big room dragged the retractable part of the couch and here I slept with the kids.

Upon checking in, it turned out that our room was prepared for two people, not four. But this small oversight was corrected within 15 minutes.

On the first day we noticed that on the first floor of the hotel there was a table and a coffee machine. It turned out that all of this hotel guests can use during the day in unlimited quantities. There were juices, sandwiches, cakes, cookies, rolls, fruit and vegetables. In the evening there were also hot meals.

There was a restriction on the variety of food only from Friday evening until the end of the Sabbath. When the Sabbath came, the food was more modest, nothing hot, fewer pastries, and the coffee machine was closed. A tribute to the customs and traditions of the country.

I often went down to the lobby with my laptop and relaxed over a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

The dining room was next door and we went there for breakfast. The food was good and we had a great choice of dishes and drinks. But on Saturdays the coffee machine was out of order and the food was more subdued.

The hotel is located just two blocks from the sea. The beach is a common, city beach. There are rows of roofs for those who need shade. That’s where we sunbathed.

The pool is on the roof of the annex on the second floor level in the high-rise building. The pool is small, increasing in depth. There are sun loungers around it and they give out towels. There is also a tennis table for ping pong. Rackets and balls can be borrowed from a security guard. Next to the pool is a gym and sauna. All this is free of charge.

There is pretty decent Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. We had no problem communicating on Skype with Russia.

I really liked the hotel and the attitude of the employees to their business. All issues were resolved promptly and in our favor, the hotel is clean and well maintained. Every day on the first floor in the lobby, fresh flowers were placed on the tables. It’s little things like that that create the mood and atmosphere. The hotel has a lot of Russian-speaking staff, who are always ready to help.

2. Good day, friends!

I envy you that you are going to Tel Aviv: gorgeous warm tender sea, comfortable city’s PRIVATE BEACHES with regular cleaning several times a day, and with all the necessary beach infrastructure: excellent clean toilets, which are regularly cleaned, with all the necessary accessories; deckchairs, tables, chairs, umbrellas are available on beaches in large numbers, and you will certainly come to the guys and put them where you show them. The sea here is wonderful:

Closer to the northern part of Tel Aviv, the beaches are full of things for sports: nets for beach volleyball, table tennis, bicycle paths, exercise equipment in every kilometer right on the beach.

Also on all the beaches a lot of decent cafes with good quality delicious food, freshly squeezed juices from exotic fruits, portions in Israel are traditionally large. Eating on the beaches is safe. And in general, a huge number and variety of delicious fruits at every step in small shops, there you will make fresh fruit juice.
Excellent night clubs, where you can have a good rest, listen to interesting high-quality music of different directions, good stores from inexpensive shopping to elite brands, beautiful jewelry made of natural stones and metals and original jewelry.

What else do you need for a good vacation?
This is a good hotel. Given that the price level of hotels in Israel is quite high, you need a not very expensive, but decent hotel, close to the beach and a good infrastructure.
One such hotel is the Metropolitan. That’s what I will tell you today.
The hotel is quite modern and was built in a modern style. It is relatively new. The hotel is on a fairly quiet street, perpendicular to the beach, so it is quiet enough in the rooms.

This is a city hotel and it does not have its own territory. A hotel with its own territory is a rarity in Israel, and costs insanely expensive to stay in such hotels, to say the least.

The hotel is located 3 minutes walk down the street Trumpeldor beach Jerusalem, to the left – north of Bugrashov, even farther – north of the Frishman. The hotel is oriented to the beaches of central Tel Aviv, but if you want to play sports you can walk 10-15 minutes to the north, and there you can immerse yourself in sports activities on the beach.
Not far from the hotel is the opera house. If you go in the direction of the Opera House and walk a little further – you will come to a chic market: Shuk Karmel: with fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, various foods from dairy products to delicious pickles, spices, souvenirs, and an abundance of sundries and even beachwear … On the way to and around the hotel there are many good supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

The hotel itself has several categories of rooms, be careful when booking. But in any case, the Metropolitan Hotel has much more room space than similarly priced hotels.
Wifi is available throughout the hotel, including in the rooms for free. However, as all the beaches in Tel Aviv.

The hotel has a good fitness center, sauna – were a couple of times, but the Sheraton sauna and Turkish hamam – that is much better spa center. Large outdoor swimming pool, but we came to the beautiful wonderful sea, so we did not even go there.

Rooms in the hotel are stylishly decorated, comfortable, cozy, regardless of the level of the room. We took a standard, its area was about 19 meters, safe, all rooms have air conditioning; we had a desk, chair, small dressing table. The bathroom had a bathtub – and not all mid-range hotels have that! Toiletries were always in place and were always reported in full, good quality after cleaning. The hair dryer is also in the bathroom in working order. Housekeeping in our room was always on time and no fines.

Nice Russian speaking staff at reception and on cleaning. At the reception you will definitely be given a free sightseeing tour of the city, and of course, the main focus is the tour of the Diamond Exchange. Be sure to go, it’s like going to a modern jewelry museum. By the way, the Diamond Exchange has a diamond museum. They will take you there too.

The breakfast at the hotel is amazingly delicious, plentiful, with a lot of dairy products: a few kinds of yogurt, different kinds of cottage cheese; omelets are terrific; fish, salads, greens, fruits, pastries are insanely delicious; there’s a buffet in the restaurant. Not only that, you can have lunch in the restaurant, you can have dinner for an extra fee.
Also, the hotel has a nice lobby, where you can sit in the evening, or you can use the terrace next to the pool – in the evening it is very nice to look at the stars in comfortable chairs until late.

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