Hotel Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center 5* (Israel, Tel Aviv) – reviews

Hotel Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center

1. It’s the weekend, and in Israel it’s Shabbat, so keep that in mind when going to Israel for a weekend getaway. In a hotel, no matter how stellar you stay, suddenly everything stops working. If the Jewish Sabbath rules happen to be on the beach, public transportation suddenly stops working and you have to take a cab.

At the Crown Plaza Tel Aviv Center hotel the Sabbath lull is unnoticeable: the hotel is located in one of the towers of Azrieli, and the window offers a wonderful view of the city’s flyovers, you can feel the pulse of Tel Aviv.

The windows are tinted and double-glazed, but do not choose this by no means a cheap hotel fans of silence and cozy gardens with chirping birds outside the window.

On the 21st floor there is an executive lounge, where this photo was taken.

Rooms with a modern design, reminds not at all 5-star Ibis-style (Ibis hotel style). I would say the style is minimalist, the room is painted in contrasting monochrome colors.

The minuses are the minimal number of towels, problems with delivery of hotel food on Shabbat. We had to go to neighborhood grocery stores, some of the assortment was draped due to non-kosher.

The room has a good climate control, and at +32 degrees in the shade I felt a pleasant coolness in the room. The bed is unparalleled, you can choose the right size pillows; there is an ironing board, hair dryer, a table for studying on the ipad. Breakfast is varied, I recommend including it in the price; there is a tea set in the room. Housekeeping was no complaints, but shampoos were not added, and toothbrushing kits are nowhere to be found.

Near the hotel there are remnants of antiquity: 37 restored Templar settlement buildings. Therefore, fans of visiting art galleries stay at the hotel, as well as going by train to various wonderful corners of Israel. HaShalom, Tel Aviv station, is within walking distance, Ben-Gurion airport is about half an hour away.

Crown Plaza Hotel chain in Tel Aviv is also represented by a hotel on the coast, and you can get a free shuttle from the city center to the sea. Shuttle to the sea must be booked in advance. Lovers of walking can make a half-hour walk to the sea.

It is excellent that there is an opportunity to choose how to get to the beach. I chose the walking option (30-40 minutes walk), I really wanted to see the Bauhaus houses, and finally reached the Mediterranean Sea.

The hotel offers tours, and the program with a schedule and the cost attached a chocolate bar. A small thing, but nice!
If you find time for a fitness program, the hotel has an indoor pool. True, you’ll have to stack your things by the pool or purchase a padlock for the closet.

Crown Plaza Tel Aviv City Center hotel is located at the crossroads of all roads, in the center of active development of the city. Fans of active recreation and views from the window in the style of New York should like this hotel.

2. Hello. My name is Lily. As my family and I love to travel to foreign cities, we recently visited the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. We stopped at the hotel Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center. It is 1.6 km from the city center. For a room for 2 people and a room for 1 person for 4 nights we paid 184000 rubles. It is pretty expensive. Hotel is a 5 star hotel, but its cleaning is not so good. Of course there were more pluses than minuses. At this hotel you can visit the fitness room for free. And as to please themselves with spa treatments, but for money. The restaurant at the hotel was worth mentioning. The food that we ordered, just great, they amazed us with uniqueness. The food at the hotel was on par with our expectations. My husband and I liked it very much. First of all I was pleased with the interior design.

Secondly, I want to note that the room is soundproofed, which is already good. I will not list every item in the room as I do not think it is necessary. I will say the main thing that I think is important, as the hotel has free Wi-Fi, there is a swimming pool, and the staff in general is very polite and always prompt what you are interested. The only negative point is that if you want to go on a trip with a small child, you will not be provided an extra bed for him. That’s kind of all.
A family that wants to have a good rest, and to experience all the subtleties of Israeli cuisine, the hotel Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center, just for you. I advise everyone. Enjoy your stay.

3. I went to Israel to rest with a friend, also to see my family. I stayed in three hotels in Israel. For me, this hotel seemed to be the best, although I have not visited many hotels in this country.

This hotel had a significant number of excursions. We visited many parts of Israel. Although the country was very hot, this hotel warned us to drink a lot of water a day, in order to avoid dehydration. Also for transportation, we booked a car with air conditioning. As for the food, it was always delicious. Also, when it was Shabbat, this hotel was very fun and wonderful, it was easy to forget about your problems and just enjoy every minute of joy! I recommend this hotel to everyone. Summer 2018 was really memorable for me. If I get a chance to go to Israel again this year, I will definitely stay at this hotel!

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