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Caesar Premier Eilat

1. Good afternoon, I present to your review Caesar Premier Hotel Eilat, Israel. Visited this hotel 4 years ago, but the impressions are still there.

Located in Eilat on the red sea in the Gulf of Akkaba. Traveled with my wife all over Israel and spent 3 nights in this hotel.

Time of stay was in July and the day was very hot outside (usually in July and September, the temperature reaches 50 degrees). In connection with this during the day of course on the beach and by the pool without awning in the sun do not lie down. Yet were surprised that the water was 24 degrees and after such a heat seemed incredibly cold).

The hotel itself has 4 stars and for what that grandiose does not pretend. We did not have bad rooms (we got a Gulf view), generally standard – clean, cool with good plumbing (at that time). We had a Russian speaking person at reception and it saved us a lot of time settling in. There is a buffet restaurant on the first floor. The food in general is normal, but the order of eating in Israel, of course, is somewhat different from ours.

In the morning there are dairy dishes, cottage cheese, cheese, etc. And in the evening a lot of fried meat and fatty foods – on the first day we ate too much in the evening (it was very delicious) and in the morning my wife was green with undigested food. We didn’t try that again. In the courtyard is a medium sized pool, most tourists for some reason that used it, rather than going to the sea. For us the pool, was not especially interesting – we went once. Around a lot of sun beds and awnings from the sun – it certainly created some comfort. And here the beach it wasn’t and it was a pity.
The coastal line too is equipped very decently – set of sun beds, umbrellas, beaches are clean (it is visible, that look after them), but all it already paid 10 shekels for day one place. Nearby are bars for those wishing to relax).
For fans of nightlife there are many bars, discos. Even had an ice bar (the interior is made of ice).

In general I recommend to stay in this hotel if you don’t want to spend money on accommodation. The price is quite reasonable.

2. We stayed in this hotel in October 2015. We chose it mainly because of its proximity to the seafront, although the tour. operator did not advise it. At 4 stars he certainly does not pull, at 3 – quite. It consisted of two connected buildings of different heights, with two separate pairs of elevators. The hotel has a restaurant, we had half board – breakfast and dinner in a buffet format, not bad and of course kasher.

We had paid for a regular standard double room, on checking in I immediately went into the bathroom and found that the room had not been cleaned at all. Called the administrator on the floor, showed him, outraged. In general, after a little bickering we changed the room – gave us a suite on the top floor. This is our room:

The bathroom had Dove liquid soap and some nice shampoo and one body cream in a small tube.

Downstairs is the hotel pool and the promenade, and in front of the promenade (but you can’t see well here) there is this little Arab market, two minimarkets and 2 bus stops – one right in front of the hotel and one in front of the market, at the stop there is a bus route map in three languages, including Russian. We took the number 8 to the underwater observatory and the beach hotel Princess with a coral reef, there is still on the same route stops on the Dolphin Reef, Camel Farm and another stop with the movie set.

We didn’t film in the lobby. I can say that there are a lot of sofas and rattan furniture, which is long overdue for an update or at least a good cleaning of the human body odor.

And another significant minus for me – while we had a rest, there constantly lived and were in the lobby of a large group of mentally retarded people with attendants (I do not know, maybe so coincided in our stay, but even I, a fairly loyal to everything person, to observe it was unpleasant).
In the restaurant the furniture and the layout of the tables is comfortable, the service is normal. Breakfast and dinner were enough for us, there was no sense to take lunches.
From the pluses of the hotel – a convenient location. We had a lot of opportunities to walk along the promenade, there was something to see and buy (a lot of different brands of stores and duty free trade in Eilat, so the prices were quite good).

Despite some disadvantages of the hotel we had an unforgettable three days in Eilat. During that time we had time to visit an underwater observatory, swim in the Red Sea with a real coral reef (on the beach Princess, read my review about the beach), walk along the promenade of Eilat, to visit some beautiful hotels (in Eilat it is easy, the beach and the hotels are not fenced, you can also easily enter any hotel and look around.)

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