Hotel Boutique Alma 3* (Netanya, Israel) – reviews

Hotel Boutique Alma

1. We chose the hotel on Bookings. The main selection criterion was the location. Practice of many travels shows that we can put up with the lack of comfort, but the territoriality of the hotel is very important. On vacation, the most valuable resource is time, and it can be saved by choosing a hotel in the city center.

Hotel Boutique Alma 3* is called a boutique hotel. I would not say that this is expressed in the entourage of the rooms or any features. The interior is peculiar, not the best of those that I have seen, but also not the worst.

Reception area and the rare case where it is empty. Reception works around the clock, which is very convenient. If you have any questions and banal help in orienting on the map you can always turn to the representatives of the hotel, regardless of the time of day.

A few words about the location, which was the main choice. The hotel is located in the heart of the resort town, where life boils. To the seafront with the beach and Independence Square just a few minutes, to the bus station 1 km.

There is free Wi-Fi in the room, with good transmission speed.

The breakfast at the hotel was not very diverse, but the choice was there and everything was quite tasty. Several types of egg dishes (boiled, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs).

2. Our stay at this hotel was for five nights. We booked a room through bookings, the price was $101 per night. Arrived at the hotel by car in the evening, the hotel parking was not available, although it was declared on the boqing. At the same time at the reception explained to us that, according to the road markings, the car can be left on the road at the hotel until morning for free. Although the administrator did not understand Russian, the grocery store clerk at the hotel helped us to understand each other. We didn’t have enough shekels, so we paid with dollars without problems.

Although the hotel is small – a boutique hotel, but the reception works around the clock, which in Israel, and not often seen.

The room furnishings are quite simple, I would say that tasteless, furniture in different styles, colors and materials. The curtains on the windows are poor and stained.

Our room had three windows, one of which was in the bathroom. We opened them only to air, because the view from the windows is nothing. Overall, the room is 3 points.

The food at the hotel was breakfast. Breakfast did not change for 5 days, except that you can choose to have scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs and boiled eggs. We took scrambled eggs. Otherwise standard kasher food.

Two tablespoons each of cottage cheese, sour cream, bryndza, olives, hummus, tuna salad for two! There was an omelet for each, a not-so-delicious fresh vegetable salad, a bun, yogurt, juice, tea, coffee.

On the first day we were satisfied with the food, but from day 4 we could not look at the monotony. Food – 3 points.

The hotel has a restaurant, a grocery store with a Russian-speaking salesman. We were not in the restaurant, then traveled, then it was closed two days from Friday to Saturday. In the store we did groceries several times, prices approximately as everywhere in the city, many products have descriptions in Russian. The store was also closed from Friday afternoon to Saturday.

The hotel does not have its own area. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, gets it well. After online check-in for the return flight, they printed out the airline tickets for us at the reception. In general, all questions the administrators readily solved.

The location of the hotel was excellent. Walking distance to the beach was 5-7 minutes, to the lively central streets 5-10 minutes.

In general the hotel was not bad, average. Of the three hotels that we stayed in in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Netanya, this was the most expensive but not the best. But in Netanya it is one of the cheapest offers among the hotels of this category.

So with all the minuses the hotel has, I will recommend it.

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