Hotel Americana 3* (Israel, Eilat) – reviews

Hotel Americana

1. We stayed 5 days in the fall. Everything was very nice.

We were settled not in the main building, but in one-story bungalows next to the pool. The room is very comfortable. We had a king size bed which accommodated 3 people 🙂

We had a safe, tea and coffee maker, iron, and toiletries. There was a big TV set with a lot of international channels, including Russian channels.

The room is on one level with the ground level. You go right out into the street. In front of the front door is a small terrace with two wicker chairs and a table. If you go to a bathing season – I strongly recommend bringing a rope to dry beach towels and clothes on the terrace. Israelis do exactly that.

The hotel restaurant is excellent. The food is great. There is both national and European cuisine. The choice is huge. The breakfast buffet is included in the room rate. The evening buffet is charged separately – about 100 shekels per person.

To the sea – 8 minutes walking distance. Near a lot of stores. If you want to go to a coral beach or underwater observatory at the Egyptian border – bus number 15 just stops on the opposite side of the road from the hotel. True, it runs rarely and poorly, the schedule is not respected, but it’s still cheaper than taking a cab.

2 I usually do not leave reviews, but there is so good food that I decided when I come back – will definitely write. Visited Eilat in late January 2019. God forbid the chefs don’t change or pass on the experience well:) Before the trip I read conflicting reviews about the country and checking into a hotel with 3 stars I did not expect much, but, guys, what a breakfast and dinner there! The hummus is as good as in Moscow, the fish (!), the tables are overflowing with food, and everything is fresh and delicious!

I was on an excursion and we had lunch in Bethlehem in the hotel: unfortunately, it was nothing compared to the good food in Americana.
I was very happy and satisfied with my vacation! All the same, it’s important that the crib is comfortable, everything is fresh and clean, and that the food is delicious. These are little things that make up a big part of the experience.
I called 0 from the room on the phone and explained the situation to the front desk at 2 a.m. I said that the neighbors were screaming and they probably need help. I was told that security would deal with it now. And then I heard someone knocking on the neighbors’ door and really everything was taken care of. That’s wonderful service.
There were other examples of staff help, too lazy to write. Very nice hotel. Thank you very much for your work.

3. There were two nights and three days. Check-in was due by 4pm and check-out was at 11am. The hotel is inexpensive. Were in July during the day was very hot it was 40°, moved runs from the hotel to the canyon from the canyon to the cinema. I will say that it was ok to stay overnight in the hotel for a couple of hours. The hotel is well located, almost next to the seafront, but there is a problem with parking-it just is not near the hotel. Rooms are clean, there is a sauna, jacuzzi, there are balconies that overlook the hotel courtyard overlooking the pool. Good standard breakfasts. At night the pool is fenced off.

4. We vacationed at this hotel the first week of June 2019.
This is not our first visit to Eilat and we chose the hotel based on location and reasonable prices. We booked an upgraded room overlooking the pool for three adults (1 child 15 years old) a month in advance. On the site of the hotel said that check in after 15 pm, but entering the hotel at 13 hours, we have 10 minutes crossed the threshold of the room.
And then it turned out that the room can accommodate 3 people, but he prepared it only for 2. The sofa bed can be taken apart, but there are no bedding, towels, shampoo, soap, and a tea mug. The impression that the administration hoped that having paid for 3 people will come 2. Came down to the reception I explained the situation and I was assured that now everything will be fixed. Now stretched for an hour and a half. In addition, it turned out that the safe was blocked and only after two appeals to the reception sent a technician. As a result, we could leave the room only after two hours.

The location of the hotel is optimal. The large area and pool were great. The room is huge and the pool is huge, but the only positive things about it are the three points.
The room is rather old and the floor is rather old and the floor is not well maintained.
The walls near the elevator on the ground floor are squeaky clean. And all the towels are white, but some soiled, laundered. My wife and granddaughter squeamish and could not use them (always take personal). It turned out that both bathing and beach towels are the same. That is vacationers near the pool laid them on sun beds and on the tiles at the water, and then workers collect them and a couple of days you have a bath towel that today was the bedding.
And one day after cleaning the room, the foot towel was not, so the maid gave us for this face towel, saying that the foot no longer. The cleaning of the room is disgusting. The hotel does not use vacuum cleaners and there was sand that crunched underfoot all the time.

And at the end as they say the cherry on the cake!!!!!!
This is the restaurant. Perhaps it would be better to say dining room!
We took half board. Those who read these lines probably were in many hotels and restaurants at them. Have you ever met that restaurants would use disposable paper and plastic utensils?
It was good that the plates were glass and the forks were metal.
The selection of dishes was the scantiest we had ever seen. Imagine that in Israel in June in a restaurant there was no fresh fruit and seafood!
Shame about Israel, where food is a favorite national sport. The hotel and restaurant in particular save money on everything. On food, dishes, service.


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