Ginot Yam Hotel 3* (Netanya, Israel) reviews

Ginot Yam Hotel 3

1. We stayed at this hotel in February 2012. I think that it was very bad. However everything else … Came in the afternoon, came in full voice, one person working, no one to help. The room is semi-dark, cold, dirty (silk renovation that no one mentions anywhere). Staff instead of laying everything out, very detailed and clearly tells you where to visit the city with the presentation of some special documents to visit. Finally checked in.

The room is on the 3rd floor, there is an elevator, we dragged the suitcases ourselves. We lived alone, but we stayed in a 3 room. Our room was very small and there was no place to turn around. Too cold, heating – air conditioner. The air conditioner goes off all the time. You couldn’t get out from under the blanket. Terrible cold in the bathroom. Very strong ventilation starts working, blowing out all the heat at lightning speed. The door over the bathroom (“curtain”) is broken. Told about it at the reception. A set of tea-coffee and teapot in the room is not. No safe. The safe at the reception works at a time when there are usually no guests. Breakfast was horrible.

I have no special, spicy cabbage hodgepodge with pickles and other similar. The coffee is a separate song. Ground coffee needs to be poured over boiling water from the titanium and your coffee is ready. I only ate it because I didn’t have any options. I still shudder when I think of those breakfasts. It rained really hard in February. We got absolutely soaked through. There was no way to dry things. Only a few days later I found out that it was possible to ask for a fan of some kind and dry in a couple of hours. Officially no one and nowhere talked about it, although absolutely everyone was soaked to the skin.

Smoking was allowed, you can imagine the smell in the room by yourself. Our stay was renovated in the hotel. Escape after half an hour. all told, but it does not change anything. Never in my life will return here and will not advise anyone !!!

The hotel is pitched as a 3 star. About the “+” and “-” as usual abstract and to the point. Let’s go:
Of the “+”:
+ the location relative to the center and the sea is very good. The sea and the beach can be seen right from the hotel windows, the center is a 5-7 minute walk. The hotel is very convenient.
+ We had air conditioning in the room.
+ TV set with several channels in Russian language
+ The staff were friendly and welcoming, not all, but most spoke Russian. We would especially like to mention and thank Alexandra for her help in dealing with the unorganized host, transfer and guides. Very responsive, helps in all matters, calls and solves problems. If you have any problems or questions. But Alexandra is a very responsive and welcoming person.

There are only early breakfasts that start at 5:30 am. Believe me, you will appreciate it. when your tour arrives at 6 am)))

+ Wi-Fi is only in the hotel lobby.
+ room cleaning every day. Change of linen was not observed, towels were changed regularly.
From the + is unfortunately all. The minuses gathered more unfortunately.
– no wifi in the rooms
– no pool
– no safe in the rooms (it’s all on the 1st floor near the reception).
– rooms are outdated (furniture, bedding, towels).
-The air conditioner is and works, but the remote control from it does not. He himself on his own setting turns on and off. Scheme of inclusion of the air conditioner is written by hand and pinned to the bulletin board in the hall.
-TV remote also does not exist. You turn it on yourself in manual mode.

-The whole reception desk works in the last century, namely: no computer, no scanner. They all lead to some room. and so on. How they book, confirm.
-Lunches are kosher, which means be prepared for the European menu, namely: herring, boiled eggs, boiled butternut, tomato-cucumber salad, olives, yogurt, coffee-tea, jam, 2 kinds of cereal, buns-bread. On Saturdays (Saturday) the toaster and coffee makers are off.
-Numbers facing the street or in the alley are very noisy. Traffic from early in the morning. Windows don’t save the day. Very noisy. Ask for a room that faces the sea and the beach.
-The hotel is outdated. It can be very fresh and trendy. Everything you pick up is cold, uncomfortable, gray and old.

If you take excursions, you can survive it.
You may not notice these nuances))))

2. I stayed in this hotel in November 2016 with my daughter and a friend for ten nights. We were very satisfied!
The main advantage of the hotel is a very good location. Five minutes walk from the beach and the main square. The hotel is located in general on the seafront and some rooms offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, my girlfriend had such a room. Our room overlooked the city and the main square was visible. At night the view is great when everything is lit up!

Breakfast was included in the accommodation, which by the way was very rich. Every day was the same, but varied enough, with salads, cottage cheese, and all sorts of other things. Very much liked a putty, we spread it on bread, there was similar egg, avocado, mayonnaise and it seems cheese.
We would like to say a special thanks to our manager Alexandra! Just a wonderful and sincere person! You can ask her any question and she will be happy to help!

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