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Eilat Princess Hotel

1. We vacationed in October 2015 in Eilat in another hotel – Keisar, which is located in the first line right next to the central promenade of Eilat. But I, a Crimean woman, was completely unimpressed with the beaches of the central part of Eilat – the sand, the entrance from the shore, the water is muddy, similar to the usual city beaches of Sevastopol. I wanted to swim in the real Red Sea with corals and tropical fish. On the Internet we found recommendations on the beach of the Coral Reserve, located near the Dolphin Reef, but there is a paid entrance and quite expensive – 20 dollars approximately. And here is the beach at the Princess Hotel, also with a coral reef and completely free. In general, we had a lot more fun than even after visiting the observatory.

Entering the sea from the shore is fenced, hanging warning signs. You can swim only from the bridge. The water is unusually clean, transparent, you can see the coral reefs, the fish. Especially a lot of fish were under this bridge. And the fish surgeons, and suction cups, and a flock of large fish-needles, which in our eyes successfully hunted for smaller fishlets. All in all a total delight. I recommend it!

2. The hotel is on the border of Israel and Egypt. We were miles away from the center of town and the seafront. About 20-30 minutes by cab. We were staying overnight at the center of the hotel and we will stay there for a long time. Sun loungers on the beach, too, no. The hotel is very well located and the location of the hotel is great.
My ceilings are not too big and beautiful, I can not say that they are bad, there is even something delicious. But the fact is the fact.
The hotel is good, but it is better to take in the center of eilat, and eilat is super !

3. In October 2015 in Eilat it was sunny and hot (as always). The pool is great and so are the rooms. The breakfasts and dinners are gold. Also, if you want to go, try to get in on Sunday. Sunday dinner is barbecue, which is also fine for people who observe kashrut and halal. The beach is not the most ordinary beach. It is a sanctuary beach. Do not forget to take a swimming mask, because there are so many beautiful fish and coral reefs. The kids were won over by the high swirling free water slide, sorry it doesn’t work 24/7. We are satisfied!

Good service, very nice young girls and boys. There is bound to be an employee who speaks fluent Russian and English.

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