Dan Eilat Hotel (Israel, Eilat) – reviews

Dan Eilat Hotel

1. awesome hotel, clean, smells good (the hotel has its own signature smell and it is unparalleled). I was especially struck by the hotel receptionist, this is the most empathetic, kindest and honest receptionist. The hotel was heavenly and the staff was amazingly welcoming and the staff was amazing.

2. I stayed here twice and everything was perfect. I was there twice and everything was great.
The restaurant menu has been changed and the food is as tasty as the first time. On the beach they put up a ramp on my second visit. Due to this there were problems with umbrellas. The first time, in my opinion, it was cozier without it and large umbrellas made of twigs.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Even the beach towels match the length of the sun lounger, and even the headrest is sewn to them, so as not to fly away and not knocked down. Room cleaning was 2 times a day, we did not litter so much. The rooms are large. Balcony overlooking the sea, you can see a piece of Jordan on one side and Egypt on the other. We ate breakfast/dinner. All menus are kosher, basically you won’t even notice it! Walked in the evening along the promenade, beautiful, wide. At the hotel I even used the services of a stylist, though my home country did not cheat, made a coloring, all super.
But it is necessary to understand beforehand, rest here is expensive. Count on it.

3. this is one of the most expensive hotels in eilat. We were there only once, but the experience was great.

To start with, we arrived in the morning, although the official check-in was at 14:00. We were literally 15 minutes later gave us a room, and better than we booked. No extra charge.

The service throughout the hotel is top notch. The rooms are well maintained.

We took room and breakfast. I think it was a mistake, we should have taken half board. But we decided to try it. Breakfast at the hotel is standard Israeli: dairy products, omelettes and eggs, casseroles, croissants and burekas, salted fish. Abundant, tasty, varied, but do not even look for anything meat. Meat in Israeli hotels is served only for lunch and dinner.

The bar is good, we tried different cocktails there.

We ate lunch and dinner on the promenade, sometimes bought something in a supermarket (thank God it’s very close to the hotel, across the street). Restaurants on the seafront are expensive, we found a good and not very expensive restaurant between hotels farther from the sea, but it took us about 15 minutes to walk.

The pool was very nice and heated. The pool turns into a large grotto where you can hide from the sun. The beach is lower, by the sea. This is a small minus – back from the beach or just from the promenade to the hotel you have to climb the stairs. On the side of the main entrance is also a steep climb from the street. The hotel is located on a hill. The area is beautiful, green.

The hotel is large, so when music is playing somewhere, if you do not want to listen to it, you can always find a quiet place. The halls are beautiful, with comfortable sofas.

The hotel is in such a location that it is close to King City (entertainment palace) and Ice Mall (Center with stores, cafes and skating rink).

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