C Hotel Eilat 3* (Israel, Eilat) – reviews

C Hotel Eilat 3 (Israel, Eilat) - reviews

1. At the very end of the year a few tour operators dropped a great and very cheap tours to Israel immediately after Christmas for 5 days. It cost me the event at 14,500 rubles with a flight for 5 days! Very cheap, don’t you think?

Of all the options I chose C Hotel Eilat. Well, that’s not a bad economy trio, to the sea 5 minutes walk, in the vicinity of the hotel – a local airport with a small landing strip (only 1200 meters), from which the Israeli company Arkia flies iron birds.

I booked a tour for 2 adults as long as there were seats on the flight, and in a week I was already on a course, sitting in a loosened Ural Airlines seat, to my beloved Israel =)

So, arrived to the airport of Ovdah, not the one next to the hotel, mentioned above, but to the other one, located to the north. It is 60 kilometers to Eilat along the light serpentine road, no traffic jams.

By the way, the hotel I chose was very convenient in terms of transfer – we were first to get out and picked us up last! Great, very convenient.

But enough with the lyrics, let’s get down to specifics.

C Hotel Eilat has a 3+ star rating (which is quite reflective of reality) and is located in the center of Eilat, very convenient. There’s a cheap (by Israeli standards, I’ll tell you, Israel is not a cheap country) supermarket, a couple of cafes, a falafel, tons and tons of exchangers with more or less the same rate and a falafel with not-humanly delicious falafel =)

The hotel was built in the 70s, but renovated qualitatively, so its real age is almost not felt.

Accommodation. When checking in I, like a crazy tourist, asked to check into a room overlooking the … airport. Something that normal tourists are weirded out by, to me, on the contrary, empathizes =)
I thought it was great to wake up in the morning and watch the planes take off!

When checking in you get information in Russian on the printout, very convenient.
The Wi-Fi is not on the 3rd floor, but everywhere, and it was absolutely free, and the speed was great!

Receptionists don’t speak Russian, but they cheerfully chatter in English and Hebrew.
Maids are Ethiopian Jews, most of the rest of the staff understand Russian very well.

Our room was renovated, comfortable and very spacious, and would have accommodated four more people (we did the math). With a small balcony. The room also had a refrigerator and electric kettle. Some rooms, as I understand it, has a small portable tile, but we are not happy with its presence.

Meals. The hotel offers the tourist both breakfasts and half board.
We took breakfasts, and dinner once bought, cost $20/person. Originally they wanted to charge us $22, but I knocked down the price a little. You can pay both in dollars and shekels. If you think what is better to choose in this case – it is safe to overpay for half board. Dinner here for a 3* hotel is simply posh, and more than worth the money! Nowhere else for the same money you will not eat so delicious and varied – we generally gobble up falafel, bought in a diner friendly Ethiopian Jews for 17 shekels for two. The falafel was obscenely delicious, and there was enough food for two.

The food was excellent! Especially for fans of fruits and vegetables. In the morning there was plenty of individually cut vegetables and greens and salads, dressing for them. Also a nice girl from Russia makes omelettes to order with onions, cheese or greens. Coffee, milk or cocoa can be made for yourself in a special machine. There’s also a lager for fans of breakfast cereals. There are desserts, but mostly from fruit – salads, etc. There are also different variations of cottage cheese – with greens, grains… There are also cottage cheese casseroles, scrambled eggs and shakshuka (one of the national Jewish dishes). No sausage, no meat in any form at breakfast, everything is kosher. There is some tasty fish.

At the entrance to the restaurant they write down your room number.

The hotel has an outdoor pool with a sunbathing area on the 4th floor (just where we lived).
I was surprised that it was open from 9 am to 5 pm, the rest of the time it was closed with a key))) Why – it is unclear, and it always opened later than necessary. And the sun rose early, and before breakfast, you could already lie down and sunbathe.

The beds were of several kinds, new and very comfortable.
For example, the two of us could easily and comfortably sleep on it.

There, in the pool area, there is a platform from which the central part of Eilat is visible as on the palm of your hand.

It takes only five minutes to get to the sea, walk along the airport and there is an exit to the beach next to the big mall. The beach in Eilat is only public, sun loungers are paid. However if you, as well as I, do not want unnecessary expenses – don’t hesitate to lay your towel on the sand, and there will be no claims to you.

Next to the beach is a large shopping mall with a metal detector frame, but this is not enough – every visitor is checked by a security guard and looks into the bag. This should be taken with understanding – Eilat is one of the safest cities in Israel. That is why, thanks to the relentless checks and controls.

On the promenade near the beach – cafes with ice cream, juice, fruit and all sorts of stuff.

A few words more about Eilat – it’s a resort town, fairly young (for ancient Israel), most hotels – 70s construction. It’s a duty-free zone (I’m sure someone will be happy about that =)). In addition, there’s an excellent citywide WiFi, which no problem for everyone! Free, of course.

There are a lot of Russians here, you can hear the Russian language everywhere. The atmosphere in Eilat is relaxed, calm and full of sunshine. There are almost no gloomy days, the lowest season – January, and prices for tours in January are the best. Rain here – an ultra rare phenomenon, because, after all, the desert.

So, I deviated from the topic a little bit. The hotel is lovely, I would love to come back here again. The fairly low price doesn’t hide any bad discoveries here and if you don’t want to pay much and you don’t have phenomenal requests for the hotel, then you will be quite happy with it. The hotel is excellent value for money and we will stay there if you don’t want to pay too much, you will be absolutely happy with the hotel.

2. We stayed with my husband in C Hotel Eilat in January, although the hotel is a 3 star hotel, the standard of service, facilities and infrastructure we can give it all a 4. Every room has a balcony, cleanliness, daily cleaning (I would advise to leave a tip of 1-2 dollars in the room, then they will clean and change linens and towels with a special zeal), the bathroom is very comfortable, with a huge table top, there is not only a shower but also a bathtub.

The room feels cozy. Right on our floor was a large pool with clear as a tear blue water, including a children’s area. We took not only breakfasts but also dinners and we didn’t regret it: a big variety of dishes, including fish and meat, several choices of side dishes, a lot of fruit. The salad Olivier and fried potatoes, probably, especially for Russians)) At a reception speak Russian, all very respectfully: will prompt and will help. It takes about 7 minutes to walk to the seafront, no more.

Nearby across the road a cash machine, and stores where you can buy water and delicious local wine, and something to eat with itself (we went on an excursion to Jerusalem, not far away, about 300 km, returning the same day), that is, all at hand. I would give the hotel an A, and if it happens, I would stay there again, as the quality is better than the price of the room.

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