Astral Village Hotel 4* (Israel, Eilat) – reviews

Astral Village Hotel

1. We were in May 2019.
Of the negative only one thing. We booked through the bookings. The money in advance for the stay was not taken from me. So we paid on the spot. But with the money on the account to pay did not work. But the front desk staff solved our problem. So it’s better to take cash.

The hotel itself liked it. We had a two room with a view of the pool.
Of the oddities: a transparent door in the bathroom (but it was the same in Jerusalem).
Rooms are clean, cleaned every day, changed towels.
The pool was also nice. There was a special place for children with a canopy, where it is not deep.
There were enough benches for everyone.
The buffet was varied.
We even got on Shabbat (Friday night), when a very diverse dinner was served, even with local sweet wine.
The hotel lobby was decorated with candles.

There is a nice beach next to the hotel, 5 minutes walk away. There are few people. Finding a place was not a problem.

In the evening there was an entertainment program. But we, honestly, went a couple of times, as we preferred to walk (while it is not hot).

2. I visited Eilat in February. The hotel was chosen by chance, I did not read anything about it, I did not expect anything.
The rooms in winter are very cold. It was nice that every room had a kettle, tea, coffee and mugs. At least something helped to keep warm.

It is cold outside in the morning and evening, some people even wear warm jackets. In the middle of the day the air warms up and you can swim in the pool, because the sea is a bit cold… The pool is small, but clean and nice.
I did not like the food at all. The Jews have a peculiar cuisine, to my liking. It was nice that in Eilat there is always somewhere to spend time, eat and relax. The waterfront is lively, full of tourists.
Many Israelis do not like Eilat, they call it a bazaar. I think that for a tourist, on the contrary, it’s a great place. A lot of stores, restaurants, music playing everywhere, in short, you won’t get bored.
There are a lot of locals and Arabs in the hotel. They are very noisy! This is probably the only serious disadvantage of Astral village.
Yes, by the way, the hotel is small, even small. In the photos it seems that it is the size of a typical hotel in Turkey or Egypt, but it is not. More like a European three. I recommend it, of course. The hotel is simple but very comfortable. Would love to come back here again in the summer.

3. We stayed in Eilat for three days as a family. We stayed at the hotel and the food was good. We stayed at this hotel with good service, delicious food and a great dining experience.
The staff were friendly, almost all spoke Russian, but there were a lot of Arabs among visitors, which made us feel uncomfortable, especially on the beach. I myself saw a couple of young girls someone pestered, so my husband did not leave me.

There is also a small playground, where we were pleased to walk in the evening, the area is well protected, since the city is located on the border. I recommend it to everyone.

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